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White is the color of innocence and cleanliness, you say? Well, then it’s even more pleasant to watch young beauty Estefania staining her sexy white panties and stockings in this incredibly messy scat sex scene, proving that she’s anything but clean and innocent.

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The real fun starts here when the preliminary masturbation part is over – Estefania pulls her panties back into place, turns her spare booty towards the camera and… Starts pooping right into her knickers, making a huge bulge appear in their back. Her shit starts coming through the thin fabric, making her backside look so messy and she actually makes the whole situation even worse by massaging her crap into her backside. Looks tempting, doesn’t it? Well, it obviously tempts Estefania’s kinky lover starring in this movie together with her. He approaches the girlie from behind and starts licking her dirty panties so tenderly. Jeez, what a dirty scene this one is!

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  1. shane Dunn Said,

    Wow that looks sexy I take you poo and put It in the underwear your that hot

  2. Bear Said,

    I like girls bouncing on my face in poopoo filled panties

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